Our mission is to improve the quality of cleaning and improve hygiene standards by providing our clients with the right advice and selection of right tool, innovative and eco-friendly products competing with international standards, sustainable cost effective systems, efficient services and training solutions backed up by our dedicated well trained sales support team.



We realize that cleaning is not an easy job. With the changing time there has been a tremendous change in the architectural styles of new buildings, made up with delicate surfaces, difficult to clean carvings, external facades and extensive use of glass and marble. We provide various solutions and concepts to maintain and retain these sites. Kibble offers innovative concepts include- Color Coding System, Green Manufacturing Technology, and Various Types of Microfibers.

Our Expertise

Concept Based Marketing

We at Kibble aim at concept based marketing such as promoting the international concept of Color coding, manufacturing most of our products under this concept and making people aware of its benefits and disadvantages of not following it.

Secondly we also bring in many Microfiber Mops for different purposes and try to reduce the use of cotton mops as cotton mops are not efficient enough for cleaning purpose.


Helping Clients with the Right Selection of Cleaning Tools

We help the client to make the right choice while selecting the right tool. Our sales staff is well trained for this purpose. They help the client by guiding them the best tool for their requirement.


Consultancy Services at Client’s Premises

We provide our clients with door step services and help the client choose right tool according to their requirement and guide them and their own premises.


Extensive Training at Site As well As at Our Orientation Centre- as per Client’s Choice

Selling our products is not our only motive. We provide training at site or our premises, whatever is the choice of the client.


After Sales Support Are Synonyms of Our Brand

We also handle all the issues faced by our clients even after selling our products because we believe in long term relationship.


Improvisation & Development at Each Step

We regularly train our sales and marketing staff to provide them with the best of the knowledge. This is not only limited to training but we also keep on making improvisations and developments at our manufacturing unit and keep on bringing change to our products for good.