Microfiber is a new age cleaning. Microfiber is a very fine synthetic fibre composed of 2 polymers, polyester and polyamide (nylon) which combine in a single thread; usually the composition is 80 % / 20 % but 70% / 30 % is also common.

Wool is the most thick textile fibre existing in nature: size is 18-24 micron; Cotton has normally, a size of 13.5 micron; silk is the most thin natural Fibre existing in nature: size is 12 micron; a human hair has a size of 300 Micron; microfiber is 100 times finer than a human hair, size is 3-5 micron & sometimes even less.

Micron is the thousandth part of the millimetre and it is used as the unit of measurement of fibres diameter.



  • Polyester has an electrostatic effect that captures and retains dust
  • Polyamide has an absorptive capacity that, when combined with water or cleaning solution, facilitates and allows the removal of dirt, grease and bacteria on any surface without leaving watermarks or stains
  • The result of the capillary effect created between polyester filaments and polyamide core is a very high absorbency
  • It can take various forms: non woven, woven, knitted
  • Less consumption of chemical
  • Can be used on all surfaces.

  • Labour Savings Up To 30%
  • Easier And Faster Than Conventional Mopping System
  • Minimum Training Required
  • Better Cleaning
  • Improved Dust Removal
  • Improved Cleaning Action
  • Improved Bacteria Removal (Up To 95%)
  • Reduces Cross Contamination
  • Easier To Use
  • Lighter Weight Than Conventional Mops
  • Better Control Of The Mop
  • Eliminates Lifting Of Heavy Mops And Cleaning Solutions
  • Eliminates Frequent Changing Of Solution (Less 80%)
  • Safer
  • Less Solution Left On The Floor(Because To The Fine Pores)
  • Scratch & Streak-Free Material
  • Product Saving
  • Microfiber Mops Outlast Conventional Mops
  • Can Be Laundered A Minimum Of 300 + Washings
  • Energy Saving
  • Cost Less To Wash And Dry Microfiber Mops Than Conventional Mops
  • Dry Without Heat
  • Microfiber


  • Wash at high temperature 200°f/95°c
  • Wash with other microfiber products
  • For best results keep them separate from other textiles because the microfiber may pick up loose fibres
  • Do not use bleach as it may shorten fibres life
  • Do not use fabric softener as it tends to take away the positive charge. If, by mistake fabric softener was used wash again with water only
  • Do not use chlorine
  • Tumble dry