Gian’s Meditronics is an engineering organization specialized in the field of precision plastic injection mould making & plastic molded components for over two decades. The organization comprises of a team of highly technically qualified staff with engineering background.

Umesh Vij, the Director of Gian’s Meditronics, himself is a qualified engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and has been managing it well with utmost sincerity.

“We here at Gian’s Meditronics do not believe in second best as we are a firm believer of the quality management and never compromise with the quality of product.” – says Umesh Vij

In the process of special mould manufacturing, the best quality of steels available in India, Sweden, Belgium and other countries is used. The moulds are vacuum hardened, which ultimately increases their quality as there is minimum distortion during the process. According to the requirement, moulds are put to the process of plasma nitriding which increases their surface resistance and releasing properties. GM is Specialized is in the field of multi cavity moulds, where hot runner system can also be incorporated in the mould as per the client’s requirement.

Every mould is initially designed on the CAD (computer aided design) with minor details and measurements by the engineers before going into the actual process of manufacturing.

In 2007 Kibble joined hands with GM to manufacture regular consumable through injection moulds.



Kibble Enterprises is an integrated supplier of smart manual cleaning system in India. They have served many large corporate in various industrial segments. Their reputation for high product quality, quick response, and professional approach is synonymous with professional cleaning industry.

Established in 2004 by Anjana Vij, The Founder Person, Director & CEO of Kibble Enterprises, she started this journey with an optimistic approach towards establishing the company and makes it reach heights, made her own place in the client’s heart by giving high quality products and excellent services. She gained immense success in the domain of manufacturing, trading, retailing and supplying a comprehensive range with brand name “KIBBLE®”, catering to various institutions like leading Corporate Groups, Five Star Hotels, Hospitals, Facility Managements, Housekeeping Providers and as well as Government sector.

“Kibble helps you identify your hygiene requirement and the need to customize tailor-made solutions for you along with training facility on site.” – says Anjana Vij

Kibble offers Premium quality Smart Cleaning Tools to their customer by understanding their need. The whole idea is to offer our customers with a wide range, complementing their style, needs and simultaneously offering better value for money. The Kibble range is not only the largest range for all the segments in the Indian market but also the best. Manufactured at world-class factories Like IPC Ready System located in Italy, USA and Denmark and they are Hazard proof meeting HACCP Standards supplying all Smart Cleaning Premium Tools under Brand Name KIBBLE.

In 2007 Kibble understood the need of the market and started its own manufacturing unit in India with the help of GM. Kibble joined hands with GM (an India based company who is already catering to surgical/ automobile segment with high quality injection moulds) to manufacture regular consumable through injection moulds. Besides manufacturing, over the last ten years they have added over 200 products to offer you a comprehensive range. These products complement your style, need & offer you a real value for money.

With the vision to cater a large part of Indian market they divide the products into two major segments – Premium range and Economy range.

Serving high quality products in Premium range they provide the customers Kibble – GM products made with impact resistant polypropylene plastic which are available in Color Coding. Kibble – GM product designs are patented.

Kibble believes that high quality products can not only be imported but also manufactured in India itself. Therefore, with the vision of developing a complete range of smart cleaning tools, they manufacture regular consumables and aim at developing more in near future. Their manufacturing partner GM helped them in developing a comprehensive range of premium and economy, eco- friendly, smart cleaning regular consumables through injection moulds. Dedicated engineers team throughout help them in developing various types of tools in Color Coding.



DELPH was introduced to the market in 2011 to reach the masses with excellent quality cleaning products, offering the best value for money, Kibble in association with GM developed a range of economy products under the brand name ‘Delph’ keeping in mind only two objectives quality and price so it as to can reach everyone, especially to cater facility management industries and provide them with good quality products at competent prices. Delph products like dry mop, wet mop, caddie, signage and many other products are well competitive with durability, what else one can demand for.